Japanese Association Of Western Australia

The Japanese Association of Western Australia is a non-profit organization to be constituted of the Executive Committee and three branch committees, the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Perth (JCCIP) , the Cultural & Community Committee and the School Council.

The objects of the Association are

  1. Provide a forum for the exchange of information and support networking for the promotion of comity between all members.
  2. Contribute to the goodwill, mutual understanding and cultural exchange between, and the trade and economic development of, both Japan and Australia.
  3. Act as a public representative of Japanese people and companies in Western Australia.
  4. Share and maintain any necessary common infrastructure
  5. Contribute to the nurturing of locally resident Japanese children to be suitable Japanese members of a global society.
  6. Deal with the issues common among the Cultural & Community Committee Members, giving consideration to living conditions that are convenient to Japanese people, and deal with the issues common among the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Perth Members, contributing to the preservation and improvement of business conditions for Japanese companies.
  7. Engage in appropriate activities that contribute to society and accord with the objects of the Association.

The Association is to conduct the following activities

  1. Operating of an Administrative Office
  2. Social gatherings
  3. Seminars
  4. Sports and recreation
  5. Publication of a newsletter and administration of a homepage
  6. Aiming for the sound administration and development of the Japanese School in Perth and Weekend Japanese School in Perth, as a shareholder in both schools

The Executive committee of 2023


Mitsutaka Nakao

Vice-President Takahisa Fukawa
Vice-President :  Takahiro Seki
Treasurer Seigo Watanabe
Secretary Shinpei Ishido


Company members list

Contact Us

Address : PO Box 6025, WIKIKI, WA 6169
Telephone : 08 9467 4210